Graviton 1 odorant station is a device operating by pulse and gravity. Odorization liquid is injected into the pipeline in the liquid phase, as in the injection devices, however, dosing is done by gravity. This does not require using of expensive emergency injection pumps. The flexible control layout allows to work both with the pulse signal (from the converter or the gas meter) as well as with the analogue signal of 4-20 mA (e.g. from the differential pressure transducer). The volume of one portion of the odorization liquid ranges from 1 to 5 cm3 and is chosen by the producer for a particular station, but in case of need (e.g. to increase the load of the station) it can be easily changed. The frequency of administration of the odorization liquid portion can vary over a wide range depending on the current flow of gas. This allows to achieve the range of the odorant station of 1:900.

1. storage tank,
2. pipeline,
3. stabilisation tank,
4. lifting tube,
5. stabilization tube,
6. dispenser,
7. solenoid valve,
8. air vent,
9. trap,
10. level transducer,
11. filter.