The Company has the quality assurance system in welding according to PN-EN ISO 3834-2. This certificate requires maintenance of the qualified engineers and the executive employees. 
We are authorized to execute the following welded structures:

  • transmission, distribution and technological pipelines for gases and solids-liquids, pressure vessels,
  •  non-pressure and pressure vessels for toxic and caustic materials,
  •  non-pressure and pressure vessels for flammable, liquid materials,
  • non-pressure and pressure devices components,
  • reduction and measurement gas stations.

We offer welding in the following technologies:

  •  141-TIG welding method,
  • 111-welding with coated electrode,
  • 135-MAG hand welding, mechanised welding,
  •  136-hand and mechanized welding with powder rods in active shielding gases,
  •  combinations of the above methods,
  • our devices have the ability to lock the parameters required for duplex steels welding.
  • The welding works are executed:

on the construction sites and within the prefabrication works in the production plants of JT S.A.
The welded joints are subjected to non-destructive tests such as: radiography, ultrasound, magnetic-particle method, penetration.