JT S.A. executes anti-corrosion protection of pipelines, tanks and steel structures, achieved through installation of the specialized equipment of active cathodic protection. As a result, the surface of the protected metal becomes a cathode, where the reduction reactions occur, and there is no oxidation or corrosion of the metal.

 In the field of cathodic protection, we offer:

  •  construction, renovation and modernization of the systems and the installations of cathodic protection,
  • measurements in the electrical systems in the field of cathodic protection,
  • measurements of the cathodic protection of gas pipelines, oil pipelines and underground tanks-potential measurements and the influence of foreign systems on a protected structure,
  • specialized measurements and testing of the protected objects-the DCVG method, assessment of insulation of the pipes of the diameters up to 1400 mm and flat surfaces when using a standard voltage of 24 kV or other agreed,
  • connection of copper cables with steel using the "PIN BRAZING" method allowing to weld the connector with the steel element in approximately 1.5 seconds, without stresses and changes in the structure of steel,
  • gas pipeline wall thickness measurements.

The investments executed using the anti-corrosion protection:

  • h/p gas pipeline DN 500-Włocławek-Gdynia-the section of Pszczółki-Wiczlino
  • m/p gas pipeline DN 300-Aleje Jerozolimskie at the construction of S2 road Konotopa - Puławska in Warsaw.
  • h/p gas pipeline DN 300-Piotrków Trybunalski-Rawa Mazowiecka

Held permissions, certificates:

  • The Office of Technical Inspection within BRAZING PIN hard brazing technology. The report of the brazing technology qualification no.: 27/C/153/1066.
  • The certificate of the brazers exams-BRAZING CERTIFICATE issued by the Office of Technical Inspection.