JT S.A.  comprehensively executes the investments within the water and sewage industry, public and non-public procurement, inter alia based on the FIDIC Contractual Conditions.  We completed a number of projects in the water and wastewater sector, inter alia, construction of:

  • water mains made of iron pipes in the diameters of DN80-DN1200 and the EP in the diameters of DN25, with the non-excavation method and the open excavation with connections,
  •  sanitary sewers made of GRP pipes in the diameters of DN150-DN800, the directional controlled drilling method with connections,
  • sanitary sewers made of clay, PE and PVC pipes, providing the system with the inspection and control chambers, with connections,
  • drainage networks,
  • sewage pumping stations,
  • compressing stations,
  • technological objects with large chambers of reinforced concrete structures,
  • the bridge over the Żerański Channel for water main DN1200,
  • renovation of water main DN 100/800, Al. Jerozolimskie, from Jesionowa Street (Michałowice) to Al. Tysiąclecia (Pruszków),
  • renovation of the existing water main with the relining method. 


 fot. Construction of the water main in Modlińska Street.